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Korean Skin Care is a buzz-worthy term. It seems like k-beauty is popping up on every retail shelf around the globe. But what are the implications of Korean inspired skin care for the professional skin care and spa industries? Our March Guide: Korean Skin Care explores the advanced technologies and exciting trends that the Korean Skin Care tradition brings to the treatment room.

More than just a trend, skin care is an integral part of Korean culture. From 10-step routines, to milk-infused body scrubs, we can all learn something from this cultural dedication to self-care. Bring your clients the latest in lightweight formulas and infuse their skin using these advanced methods from overseas. The Seven Skin Method, Fascia Firming Massage, Bubble Masks and Sheet Masks are just a few of the innovative treatments and textures we explore in this issue!

What else is trending inside March’s issue of LNE & Spa?

Out with the old, in with the DEW! Give your clients dewy, hydrated skin this spring with SPRING CLEANING FACIALS!

Our environment plays a huge role in the condition of our skin. Learn how to prevent and treat the effects of ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE.

Discover the eastern tradition of smooth skin exfoliation with KOREAN BODY SCRUBS!

Find your tribe! Connect with estheticians around the world by joining an ONLINE COMMUNITY!

How natural are the preservatives in your favorite products? Dive deeper into the world of NATURAL PRESERVATIVES with Rachael Pontillo!

Rediscover the beautiful results of lash and brow tinting! Give your clients all the fullness, without the commitment!

Find it all in the March issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!

Korean Skin Care Philosophy
How high quality skin care became part of Korean culture
by Dr. Craig Kraffert

Get Your Glow On
Korean skin care trends to wow your clients
by Janel Luu

Sheet Masks, Please!
Why these single-use masks are changing the game
by Noreen Young

Hydrating Facial Mist Photo Shoot

Spring Cleaning Facials
Say hello to dewy skin with these spring cleaning facials!
by Carrie Borzillo

Stress Free Skin
Prevent and treat the effects of environmentally damaged skin
by Victoria Tabak


Korean Body Scrubs
Discover the eastern tradition of smooth skin exfoliation
by Aurora Solis


Connecting Estheticians Around the World
Why joining an online community of estheticians strengthens your passion!
by Sheri Flasch

May I Place You On Hold?
Why on-hold marketing increases your revenue and client retention
by Mark Williamson

Behind The Spa Door
with Kerry Benjamin, Founder of StackedSkincare Spa


Natural Preservatives in Skin Care
Understand what natural preservatives are in your skin care products
by Rachael Pontillo

Prenatal Massage
How this service nurtures your client and strengthens relationships
by Alma Bocanegra


Lash and Brow Tinting
Rediscover the power of tinting for a naturally profitable add-on service!
by Jaclyn Peresetsky

Make Beauty Your Business with Rhea McCarter
Adore Makeup Boutique + Salon, Austin, Texas