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In LNE & Spa

Coming In October 2016

Makeup is tied into so many defining moments in a woman’s life. We rely on the magic of makeup to not only make us feel beautiful on the outside, but to help us radiate our beauty from within.

We at LNE & Spa are getting ready to celebrate those moments with our October issue Guide entirely dedicated to makeup.

Dust off your brushes and flip through the pages of the October issue as we cover all the latest makeup lingo!

Additionally in this issue, discover “What is Your Client’s Makeup Personality?” for a look that will reflect their tastes and preferences. “Seize the Makeup Opportunity” and discover the ways to maximize revenue options with a few strokes and blots. “The New Makeup Phenomenons” explores the latest trends for more defined looks. Gain a new connection to clients via “Hosting a Makeup Class in the Spa” and go for perfection with “The ‘Makeup’ Ending”.

Dive into a new frontier of hydrotherapy with “The Benefits of Floatation Therapy” and “ The Big Chill”, that explores why and how spas should add cryotherapy to their menu. The Marriott Coronado Island Resort & Spa details a new frontier in wellness with innovative treatments and services. No need to walk the tightline or waterline to learn how boutique spas can have a big impact as discussed with Jeanette Acosta of Miami’s Skintique. Tap into the cruise ship wedding via makeup services as Mellisa Coates of Cocoa Beach Spa explains how a key to success may be in offering unique services that address gaps with local clients. “Belly Treatments for All” explores ways to spice up menus with unexpected treatment options.

Find all of this and more trending services, techniques and ideas in the upcoming edition of LNE & Spa!
Check Out Current Issue
Seize the Makeup Opportunity: The ultimate guide to building a makeup business by Amy Wall
The “Makeup” Ending: The ultimate add-on to spa services by Hannah Hatcher
What is Your Client’s Makeup Personality? Identifying the archetypes of beauty by Ami Mallon
Hosting a Makeup Class in the Spa: The new revenue generator by Shawn Towne
The New Makeup Phenomenons: Latest trends for more defined looks by Caroline Canetti
Makeup Photo Feature

The Big Chill: Why & how spas should add cryotherapy by Caroline Canetti
Anti-Pollution Skin Care: The key ingredients to shield complexions by Jaklin Idris
Skin News

The New Frontier in Wellness: The Marriott Coronado Island Resort & Spa, Coronado, Calif. by Amanda Clinton Winter
The Benefits of Floatation Therapy: The ultimate experience of renewal by Nicole Nunns
Belly Treatments for All: Spice up your menu with unexpected treatment options by Maureen Castellon
Spa News

Behind the Spa Door with Jeanette Acosta: Boutique spa with a big impact
The Ins and Outs of Running a Day Spa: Strategies for long-term success by Mara Shorr and Jay S. Shorr
Revamping Spa Menus: Immediate success in five steps by Melanie Edwards
Business News

Holy Basil: The ancient healing power to promote and preserve youth by Shadoh Punnapuzha
The Magic of Eye Contact: Where the soul catches fire by Jolenny Piedra
Organic and Wellness News

Business Advice for Beauty Professionals with Mellisa Coates: Tapping into the cruise ship wedding craze
Makeup Photo editorial by Pamela Taylor
Image News