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It’s about that time for sandy toes and salty kisses! But first, your clients’ skin needs prepped for the summer sun! Uncover the HOTTEST secrets for preparing your clients for summer and learn how YOU can incorporate the most anticipated summer treatments into YOUR spa. It’s all inside June’s issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!

This month’s SUMMER CRAZE: Beach Body Essentials Guide reveals the most innovative and essential trends for a flawless bikini body. Awaken your clients to the scents of summer by learning about these FIVE intoxicating aromas! Discover the most effective treatments for the back, butt and feet, because those hidden places can’t get overlooked this time of year! Get acquainted with summer’s hottest body wrap treatments as you uncover the benefits for each specific type. Finally, become a part of the bikini wax BOOM as you indulge in summer’s latest intimate hair removal trends!

Uncover the SECRETS to a youthful appearance by peeping this month’s article on hyaluronic acid in the treatment room!

Learn to INTENSIFY the ingredients you’re using in the spa with these special product boosters for enhancing skin care treatments.

Corneotherapy… We have the inside scoop! Familiarize yourself with the structures and functions of the stratum corneum!

Take an exclusive look inside a holistic haven of treatments… This issue’s Spa of the Month focuses on nurturing the mind, body and spirit for the ultimate client experience!

Didn’t have the chance to attend our 2017 International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Dallas, Texas? Peep inside this month’s issue to read about the ECSTATIC energy from this year’s congress! See you next year 😉

Feng shui is a spa industry key to creating a holistic and relaxing experience. Turn your spa into a healing oasis with these tips and tricks for feng shui success!

Go Behind the Spa Door with Kari Michaud as you discover top team building tactics for maintaining client satisfaction.

Your SEO campaign is waiting for you! Learn to create a strategy while optimizing your skin care and spa business!

Ashwagandha is one of the most revered plants in Ayurvedic medicine. Uncover the benefits of this supplemental powerhouse and learn how YOU can use it in your spa to create RADIANT skin!

Draw the line on stress and anxiety as you take a peek into this month’s article about utilizing art therapy in the spa!

Set the stage for successful makeup services with exclusive insider advice from beauty professionals!

Glitter lips? Yes, please! Learn to prepare, apply and maintain the makeup industry’s HOTTEST new trend!

Find more trending services, techniques and ideas inside June’s issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques and Spa!

SUMMER CRAZE: Beach Body Essentials Guide

THE SCENTS OF SUMMER: 5 Intoxicating Aromas To Awaken Your Clients’ Senses
by Carrie Borzillo

HIDDEN PLACES: Treatments for the Back, Butt and Feet
by Carrie Borzillo

BODY WRAPS FOR SUMMER: Types and health benefits of wraps in the spa

BIKINI WAX BOOM: Summer’s latest intimate hair removal trends
by Tiely Araujo

Summer Product Photo Feature

HYALURONIC ACID IN THE TREATMENT ROOM: Secrets to a Youthful Appearance
by Janel Luu

INTENSIFYING INGREDIENTS: Product Boosters for Enhancing Skin Care Treatments
by Manuela Ferro & Adriana Rodriguez

CORNEOTHERAPY: Understanding the Structures and Functions of the Stratum Corneum
by Marina Volod


SPA OF THE MONTH: A Holistic Haven of Treatments to Nurture the Mind, Body and Spirit
by Amanda Clinton Winter

ECSTATIC ENERGY at The 2017 International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in DALLAS, TEXAS!

FENG SHUI: Turning Your Spa Into a Healing Oasis
by Lisa Kyte


with Kari Michaud

YOUR SEO CAMPAIGN: Creating a Strategy, Optimizing Your Skin Care and Spa Business
by Lance Bachmann


ASHWAGANDHA IN THE SPA: A supplemental Powerhouse for Radiant Skin
by Aurora Solis

ART THERAPY IN THE SPA: Drawing the Line on Stress and Anxiety
by Kristina Mazzenga



GLITTER LIPS: Preparation, Application and Maintenance
by Hannah Hatcher