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Hello, February! Love is in the air this month… and it’s the kind we ALL share; love for our careers! Our February issue is the perfect dose of extra love we desire for a healthy, happy business!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! Standing out in the spa industry is no easy feat. This month’s issue shares the innovations that YOU voted as the best of the best. We’re honoring the leading quality products in our industry inside this month’s issue with the results of our 2016 LNE & Spa BEST Awards!!

This month’s Top Notch Ingredients & Latest Discoveries Guide centers on peptides, growth factors and stem cells. We’re popping these power ingredients into the spotlight and not only showcasing their pros, but also uncovering how these ingredients can activate a change in your client’s skin. Your KEY to success is inside as we reveal powerful treatments implementing the use of stem cells, growth factors and peptides alongside the surprising effects of lipids in skin care.

Menopausal clients? Revolutionary in-spa skin care interventions are here to help you guide your menopausal clients into ideal comfort and relaxation!

Get to the “point!” Discover how to “stick it” to the aging process and provide your clients with the ultimate cosmetic acupuncture procedure!

Additionally in this issue, uncover how to balance the art of science alongside cosmetic dermatology with our latest Spa of the Month, featuring the highest level of training, knowledge and products in today’s medical spa world!

POP UP your spa with this rising new trend! Bring your spa anywhere and learn to grow your clientele by creating an on-the-go spa thrill!

It’s time to build your brand. Start thinking outside the box and peep this month’s issue to guide your business to THRIVING success!

Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand. Discover the benefits of silk proteins for healthy skin.

Do your clients need an energy boost? Unearth how to balance the Yin and Yang with the ultimate Kao No Rimpa treatment!

FLAUNT the industry’s newest beauty craze! Discover why freckles are the hottest, most innovative trend this year and learn how to beautify your clients with them!

Lastly, discover the latest inside the world of microblading as we uncover the regulations, laws and protocol to ensure your clients keep coming back!

Find more trending services, techniques and ideas inside the February issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques and Spa!
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Top notch ingredients & latest discoveries
POWER INGREDIENTS IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The pros of peptides, stem cells and growth factors
by Janel Luu

TOP NOTCH INGREDIENTS TO THE RESCUE: Activating change in the skin
by Rhonda Allison

ANTI-AGING ALL STARS: A powerful punch of stem cells, growth factors and peptides
by Carrie Borzillo

CHOLESTEROL?! The surprising effects of lipids in skin care
by R. Scott Peterson, Ph.D.

MENOPAUSAL SKIN: In spa skin care interventions
by Bella Schneider

THE POINT OF ACUPUNCTURE: Sticking it to the aging process
by Robert MacDonald


SPA OF THE MONTH: Altaire Medical Spa in Fargo, N.D.
by Amanda Clinton Winter

POP UP SPAS: The rise of a new trend by Carrie Borzillo

BEHIND THE SPA DOOR with Tiffany Lewis of Tiffany Lewis Skincare Spa in Saint Charles, Ill.
A THRIVING BUSINESS: Thinking outside the box to build your brand
by Louis Silberman


SILK EXTRACT: The benefits of proteins for healthy skin by Craig Kraffert, M.D.
KAO NO RIMPA: A body energy boost from a balanced Yin and Yang by Anabel de la Vega

BUSINESS ADVICE FOR BEAUTY PROFESSIONALS with Keri Martino-Pickett, Salon + Spa Manager and Kim Aiello, lead esthetician of Makeover Salon + Spa in South Easton, Mass.

THAT FRECKLE FACED GIRL: Flaunting the newest beauty craze
by Shawn Towne

MICROBLADING: Regulations, laws and protocols
by Debra M. Delaney