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A new year’s resolution should not be to simply experience a new year; it is a time to create a new soul. With new ambitions, higher expectations, and innovative techniques, our January edition is the picture-perfect start to your 2017 success!

Our Guide this month spotlights CUPPING: the groundbreaking practice of increasing circulation in the body to flush out toxins. Learn about this ancient practice of skin rejuvenation and discover how to provide your clients with the ultimate post-holiday detox. This month’s Cupping Guide pilots you to success starting with how to choose a cup based on your clients’ concerns to using this technique as a soothing treat for the feet. Pamper each of your clients with this ancient twist to traditional treatments and provide them with the ultimate pain relief and relaxation.

Spark ENERGY in your client’s skin and discover how to breathe new life into the body by increasing the skin’s oxygen intake.

Looking for new ways to spice up your spa menu? Cater to the time-compressed client and boost your revenue flow with speedy services your clients are sure to love.

Also in this issue, find out how to deliver the finest treatments, promotions and marketing strategies by taking a peek into our latest Spa of the Month, which demonstrates a beautiful touch of renewal for the mind, body and spirit.

Delight each and every one of your clients by providing them with the ultimate spa experience. This issue features a guide on a complete client satisfaction survey to help your business build and sustain success, ensuring loyal clients and increased revenue.

Curious about fermented ingredients? Find out how to use the surprising source of bioavailability to add an innovative twist to your normal routine.

Be mindful in your spa. This issue executes how to create the ultimate spa transformation experience by treating the client’s mind, body and spirit.

Working with aging clients? Discover the difference between healthy aging and anti-aging by understanding the holistic client.

Finally, ENHANCE the eyes with makeup based on color theory. Learn how the color wheel can be used to highlight each of your client’s individual features.

Find all of this and more inside our newly designed January 2017 edition of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!
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FACIAL CUPPING: The ancient practice of skin rejuvenation
By Leslie L. DeMatteo

CUPPING MASSAGE: The Ultimate Post-holiday Detox
By Alma Bocanegra

CHOOSING A CUP: Cups Based on Your Clients’ Concerns
By Carrie Borzillo

CUPPING THERAPY: An Ancient Twist to Traditional Treatments
By Carrie Borzillo

PEDI CUPPING: A Soothing Treat for the Feet
by Anita Shannon

FACIAL BAR: Speedy Services to Boost Your Revenue Flow
By Kristina Mazzenga

OXYGEN INTAKE: Breathing New Life Into Skin
By Rhonda Allison

SKIN ENERGY! The Ultimate Power of Healthy Skin
By Jaklin Idris


SPA OF THE MONTH Viva Day Spa, Austin, Texas: A Touch of Renewal for the Body, Mind & Spirit
by Amanda Clinton Winter

FACE, NECK AND DÉCOLLETÉ: The Secrets to Maintaining Youth By Lynda Solien-Wolfe and Robyn Lynn Green

BEHIND THE SPA DOOR with Leslie Crowell Department Leader & International Spa Designer of Three-13 Salon, Spa & Boutique of Marietta, Ga.
21 DAYS TO HABIT BUILDING: Boosting Your Bottom Line
By Danae Markland

CLIENT SATISFACTION: Building and Sustaining Success Through Client Surveys
By Donna Dodier


FERMENTED INGREDIENTS: The Surprising Source of BioavailabilityBy Dane LeJeune
MINDFULNESS IN YOUR SPA: Creating the Ultimate Mind, Body and Spirit TransformationBy Barbara Byrne
HEALTHY AGING VERSUS ANTI-AGING: Understanding the Holistic Client
By Linda Marrical


BUSINESS ADVICE FOR BEAUTY PROFESSIONALS With Christy Apitsch, owner of Pittsburgh Beauty Bar, Pittsburgh, Pa. Eyebrows Speak Louder Than Words
OptimEYES: Enhance the Eyes with Makeup Based on Color Theory
By Shawne Towne