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Whether you prefer your trusty fingertips to perform lifting, tightening and firming facial massages, or you love to collect every gadget on the market, the benefits of combining non-invasive treatment tools with great products are undeniable. Our February 2018 Guide: Non-Invasive Tools explains these advanced technologies and the intricacies behind how to combine them with more traditional treatment methods.

Choosing the right modality for your practice can be overwhelming. There are so many devices on the market, ranging in price, size and capability. We break it down for you with a Machine Buying Guide so that you can choose the right tools for your clients. Dive deeper into the science behind LED Treatments and Radio Frequency for the most advanced brightening, tightening and firming treatments available. Our integrative approach to non-invasive tools is sure to boost your esthetics practice! See faster, better results and bring additional revenue to your spa!

What else is trending inside February’s issue of LNE & Spa?

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Has your client overdone it with at-home EXFOLIATION? Learn how to heal, replenish and educate your client!

Massage is what separates a good facial from a great one! Incorporate SHIATSU MASSAGE for an unforgettable facial experience.

Being an ESTHETICS EDUCATOR is a valuable way to give back to your industry. Learn new strategies and gain insight on how to reach your full potential!

Revenue-boosting FACIAL AD ONS are essential to reaching your business goals. Don’t miss a chance to upsell services and impress your clients!

REISHI MUSHROOMS are nature’s superherb! Understand their healing benefits and incorporate them into your holistic treatments.

The best BRIDAL MAKEUP artists make the process stress-free and fun! Create a complete bridal package for a seamless client experience!

Find it all in the February issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!

A Guide to Facial Devices
How to select the best facial devices for your practice
by Eva Kerschbaumer

Radio Frequency Facts
Understand the science behind radio frequency treatments for skin tightening
by Erin Lucie

LED Treatment Combinations
Incorporate these unique LED treatment combinations for a customized client experience
by Amy Gardner

How to Combat Winter Skin
Help your client brave the cold with these tips to combat winter skin
by Bella Schneider

Over Exfoliated Skin
Rescue your client’s over exfoliated skin and introduce proper home care
by William James II


The Harkness Salon Spa in McCammon, Idaho
How Spa Director Arianne Hunsaker creates a small town oasis
by Cristina Beecham

Shiatsu Massage
Turn a facial treatment into an experience with Shiatsu massage techniques
by Linda Marrical


LNE & Spa’s Best Product 2018 Award Winners

Expert Esthetics Educator
Reap the rewards and overcome the hurdles of being an esthetics educator
by Natalie Iovino-Schoenfeld

Facial Ad Ons
Are you missing out on revenue from facial ad ons?
by Pam Stellema

Behind the Spa Door
with Director Ansley Reese at Ansley Marie’s Salon and Spa


Reishi Mushrooms
Discover the power of superherb Reishi Mushroom
by Erik Lieux


Bridal Makeup Packages
How to construct a bridal makeup package for a seamless client experience
by Aurora Solis

How to Establish a Loyal Clientele
with Colette Kuhnsman, S-Team Skin and Body, Danville, CA