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The end of summer heralds the start of clients looking to their estheticians to improve the tone, texture and radiance of their skin. Peels are one of the best magical wands for estheticians. Professional peels not only enhance the texture and tone of the skin — they also help the skin look and act younger over time. Everything you need to know is all there in our special Peels Guide!

Go in depth with “Before and After Peels”, “Mastering Peels”, “Peels to Repair Skin” and “Customized Peels”. Explore “The New Skin Type Analysis” to decode skin needs through combinations instead of just types. Go “Beyond The Sugar Scrub” to learn the newest “it” ingredients to revamp exfoliation.

In addition, add a facet of sexual education to complete your clients’ sense of well-being in “Sexual Well-Being in the Spa” by offering treatments, workshops and lectures. Get the inside scoop on the mindful management behind Miraval’s new spa location in Southern California. Also, find out how Angela Cortright of award-winning Spa Gregories balances two spa locations while making each menu unique yet cohesive. Plus, Pureskin Aesthetic Salon’s Amy Amaral explains how she built a successful makeup business in her spa. Go back in time with the nostalgic beauty trend that is now hot both on and off the runway in “The Big Comeback of 1990s Makeup”.

Find all this and more trending services, techniques and ideas in the latest edition of LNE & Spa!
Next Month’s Issue
MASTERING PEELS: The Ins and Outs of Skin Care Peels by Lydia Sarfati
PEELS TO REPAIR SKIN: The Best Peels for Post-Summer Skin Recovery by Dave Waggoner and Lisa VanBockern
CUSTOMIZED PEELS: How to Chose the Right Peel Combination for Your Clients’ Skin by Elizabeth A. Cardarelli
BEFORE AND AFTER PEELS: The Dos and Don’ts of Peel Care by Janel Luu

THE NEW SKIN TYPE ANALYSIS: Differentiating Skin Needs Through Combinations Rather than Type by Rachael Pontillo
EXTRACTION — A FACIAL MUST: The Inside Scoop from Instruments to Contraindications by Freda Mills
Skin News

BEYOND THE SUGAR SCRUB: The new ingredients to revamp exfoliation by Caroline Canetti
Spa News

BEHIND THE SPA DOOR with Angela Cortright of Award-Winning Spa Gregorie’s
WANT TO BE A HOME BASED ESTHETICIAN? All the Pros and Cons to Consider by Mara Shorr and Jay Shorr
HIRE TOP TALENT! The Secrets to Recruiting the Spa Industry’s Best by Beverlee Garb
Business News

SEXUAL WELL-BEING IN THE SPA: Treatments, Workshops & Lectures to Add Sexual Education in Your Spa by Caroline Canetti
MASSAGE DURING FACIAL: The trick to boost skin volume and complexion by Judith Bourgeois
Organic and Wellness News

HOW I ADDED MAKEUP TO MY SPA with Amy Amaral, owner of Pureskin Aesthetic Salon in Salinas, Calif.
THE BIG COMEBACK OF 1990s MAKEUP: Revamp the Nostalgic Look for Your Spa Clients by Maureen Castellon
Image News