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Going it alone in the spa industry can be intimidating. Far from the comforts of managers and coworkers, every decision, small and large, is now yours to make. Where will you set up shop? How will you get new clients? How will you afford product and equipment? You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Our December 2017 GUIDE: SOLO ESTHETICIANS is a comprehensive tool kit for your solo spa success!

Understand your options when it comes to location. Find a setup that works for you! Cultivate the atmosphere you’ve been searching for – busy and bustling, or calm and serene. Draw in clients, new and old, by identifying exactly whom you want to treat. We show you how to reach your demographic, and cater to them! Be the boss you’ve always wanted with our Guide for Solo Estheticians. Hear from your fellow skin care practitioners and see just how they made it big. Dive into this community full of support, advice, and passion!

Take a holistic approach to treating ADULT ACNE. We show you the big picture and how to tackle it in the treatment room!

Psoriasis can be difficult for clients to manage. Catch up on the latest PSORIASIS SPA THERAPY techniques to educate and destress your clients.

Make your spa the center of the community! Read these event-hosting tips from Spa Director Jessica Lundberg!

These days, clients want perfect skin – all over! We show you 5 BODY PEEL TREATMENTS to address every area of concern.

Don’t overlook the importance of managing your SPA PRODUCT INVENTORY! Pick up some organizational tips to conquer your inventory, once and for all!

Your SPA FRONT DESK makes the first and last impression! Empower your front-line staff with these expert training techniques.

See why CHARCOAL SKIN CARE is the universal detoxifier! Unlock the secrets of this trendy ingredient.

Take this year’s WINTER MAKEUP TRENDS from the runways, to your makeup chair! See our makeup artist’s tips on translating these eye-catching looks!

Find it all in the December issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!

Next Month’s Issue
Solo Esthetician Spa Guide
Finding the best solo esthetician spa location for your practice
by Wendy Jacobs

Identify Your Spa Demographic
Why you need to identify your spa demographic before launching your business
by Mara Shorr

Marketing for Solo Estheticians
Start building your clientele with these solo esthetician marketing tips
by Natalie Iovino-Shoenfeld

Skin Care Retail Boost
How to approach skin care retail in your one-person spa
by Cristina Beecham


A Holistic Approach to Treating Adult Acne
Understand the whole picture when treating adult acne
by Tina Zillmann

Psoriasis Spa Therapy
Calm your clients’ sensitive skin with these psoriasis spa therapy tips
by Kris Campbell


How Director Jessica Lundberg Makes Her Spa A Center of Community
Rivage Day Spa, Birmingham, Michigan
by Cristina Beecham

Body Peel Treatments
Targeted body peel treatments for top-to-bottom radiance
by Carrie Borzillo


Tackle Your Inventory
Tips and tricks for conquering your spa product inventory
by Dori Soukup

Spa Front Desk
Make a great first impression with a quality spa front desk staff
by Michael Perez

How Manager Laura Kain Flourishes In the Growing Spa Industry


The Charcoal Skin Care Attraction
Why charcoal skin care is a universal detoxification trend
by Boldijarre Koronczay

Facial Cupping Treatments
Incorporate facial cupping treatments to plump and firm your clients’ skin
by Sara Kowalik


Makeup Primer Magic
How to choose the best makeup primer for every skin type
by Ami Mallo

Winter Makeup Trends
Keep your clients savvy with the latest winter makeup trends
Jaclyn Peresetsky

How Rose Marie Beauchemin Developed A Top Quality Makeup Team