From The Editor

June 2018

Summertime in the spa world can be as unpredictable as the waves crashing on your beach vacation. Wellness tourism can bring an influx of new clients visiting your area looking to relax and be pampered. These clients are ready to pay up for lengthy, luxurious services to compliment their vacation indulgences. But if you don’t live close to sandy beaches or bustling cities, your spa might see clients fly off with their families for several weeks at a time.

Our Summer Essentials Guide is full of fresh marketing tips that are geared towards helping you keep your books full this summer. Whether you are looking to re-establish a connection with regular clients who’ve gone silent, or to find new clients in town on a whim, these marketing and treatment ideas will keep you busy!

In the spirit of summer fun, I would like to thank every subscriber who came to The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Dallas last month. It’s always a treat to listen to your stories and imagine new ways of connecting you through our publication. I wish all of you a sunny and prosperous summer season!

All the best,

Cristina Beecham

Managing Editor
Licensed Esthetician