From The Editor

February 2017

Dear Reader,

Each of us uses our own qualifying factors to decide when something is the best of its kind. When it comes to beauty and wellness innovations, our own personal preferences are determined by how well something works for us or makes us feel. Because we are all so unique, this can vary dramatically from one person to the next.

With so many outstanding products and equipment in the spa and skin care industry, each and every one of them is bound to be the favorite for some. However, there are always a select few that manage to stand out and win the ultimate popularity contest!

The February edition is our annual BEST issue, where we recognize the year’s most illustrious innovations in each category according to YOU, our readers, who cast thousands of votes this past November. From the classic staples like serums and sun care to the newest industry categories like anti-pollution and inner beauty, we highlight all of the winners that you selected for a record 47 CATEGORIES in our 2017 LNE & Spa BEST Awards Page.

Additionally, this month’s guide on The Future of Skin Carefeatures in-depth insight on the key top-notch ingredients now taking center stage in the latest skin care formulas.

From menopausal skin treatments and microblading to creating the illusion of freckles, find the most cutting-edge information on trending services, techniques and ideas right here inside the February 2017 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa!

– Amanda Clinton Winter, Managing Editor of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa