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From The Editor


Dear Reader,

Technology is today’s vehicle of convenience, something we all crave in our modern, time-pressed lives. This extends into the areas of beauty and well-being, the cornerstones of the spa industry, which has expanded to encompass medical spas. These hybrids of medical clinics and day spas give clients the opportunity to have all their beauty needs met in one place.

This month, discover how to bring med spa treatments into your own spa with our special Medical Spa Guide! This guide explores how spas can partner with a doctor, the legalities of fee splitting, the dos and don’ts of advertising a med spa business and the most daring and innovative treatments being offered in medical spas today.

Technology has also made an impact in the industry with the revolutionary yet controversial concept of microneedling. Three industry luminaries share their exclusive insights on the benefits, rules, legalities and purchasing considerations to take into account with this cutting-edge technology in “Microneedling Update”.

On the flip side of convenience, too much technological stimulation can often lead to a problem addressed in this issue: sleep deprivation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one in three adults do not get enough sleep. Wake your clients up to the hazards that this lack of shut-eye inflicts on their complexion — negating the effects of your treatments — with insight from “The 8 Hour Beauty Secret”. Educate your clients on how to utilize this information for an inexhaustible glow. Also in this issue, we address how to tailor services to meet the unique needs of a key component of your clientele: menopausal women. Women from all walks of life experience the big “change” at a certain age. Learn how you can make your spa into a sanctuary for middle-aged women with customized care in “Spas and Menopause”.

Next, is it time to revamp your business? First, reimagine the spa experience from your clients’ point of view to boost revenue with “What is Your Clients’ Perspective?” Also, learn how to assess the health of your spa business and address challenges with expert advice in “Is Your Spa Healthy?”

On the topic of beauty, help your clients avoid common blunders in their makeup routines in “7 Deadly Makeup Sins and How to Avoid Them in Your Spa”. Additionally, find out how to create the perfect canvas for any makeup application with “Skin Optimization”.

Give yourself the gift of inspiration with our December issue.

– Amanda Clinton Winter, Managing Editor of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa