From The Editor

November 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

The holiday season is right around the corner! The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, window decorations are turning evergreen, and your clients are buzzing with holiday cheer. For many spas and skin care practices like yours, the holidays are a magical and lucrative time. You get to experiment with seasonal ingredients, offer exciting promotions, and be a part of the gift shopping frenzy! As business starts bustling with holiday foottraffic, and clients are asking for gift cards by the dozens, we must all remember to take a moment and reflect on the gifts that we have received this year.

As estheticians, we are privileged to play a personal role in the way our clients feel about themselves. Seeing them change before our eyes is a beautiful and special gift that we should cherish. The gift of helping someone through a tough time in their life, the gift of seeing confidence bloom in clients with skin insecurities, the gift of seeing your employees happy and fulfilled in their work – this industry gives us many gifts and touches us all everyday! It is so important to take a moment, in the midst of the holiday rush, and acknowledge how lucky we are to call ourselves estheticians.

We must also not take for granted the gift that we are, as estheticians. Cherish the blessing it is when your clients want to give your services to their loved ones as gifts. Every treatment package sold and gift card swiped is a reflection of the impact you have on your clients. Let the holiday season be a reminder of how valued your practice is, and let that light carry you into the next year with positivity and gratitude.

I look forward to hearing how LNE & Spa has inspired you this season, and I wish all of you a merry and bright holiday.

Cristina Beecham

Managing Editor
Licensed Esthetician