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Holiday Spa Marketing
It’s the holiday season, or, as the popular song claims it to be: the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to showcase your holiday spa marketing plan—the only problem is, you might not have one.
ANTI Blemish Makeup
Makeup has been used for centuries to enhance the skin and conceal imperfections. Formulas have certainly come a long way since the days of lead-based poisons in Victorian England and mud mixtures in ancient Egypt. Today’s concealers and foundations are created to multitask, concealing and enhancing while also protecting skin against environmental damage and reducing inflammation.


Be your clients’ go-to source for blemish corrections by helping them minimize the appearance of their imperfections, both in and out of the treatment room with these key tips for specific skin imperfections. Incorporate them into your makeup applications, steer clients toward the right cosmeceuticals and counsel them on the best practices for their home care routines.
The Dewberry Charleston Spa
In the heart of the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, The Dewberry Spa was founded by John Dewberry under the inspiration of his charming carriage house behind his Charleston home. With its stunningly handcrafted wallpaper and cypresscovered, spice-scented walls and floors, The Dewberry Spa elicits calm, natural vibes for an allaround soothing and luxurious client experience. Since opening its doors late October of last year, The Dewberry Spa has enthused each of their treatments with elements of the lowcountry, such as the southern native dewberry plant and sea extracts, to perfectly complement the nature and serene energy of the spa.
Holiday Spa Success
You know the old saying, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” Get busy now and launch all your holiday plans by the beginning of November so you can maximize you holiday spa success!
How Spa Owner Carrie Cohen
SERVICE & RETAIL What is the best part about working with makeup services in the spa industry? The best part of my job is helping people with their confidence! It’s a very special thing to be able to make people feel like their best selves. Seeing their reactions when I’m finished and watching them hold their head up high is without a doubt the most rewarding part of my job.
A Blackhead's Alter Ego
The Obsession with Pores
Why are we so fixated on our pores? Probably because pores are "fixated" on our skin in all shapes, sizes and conditions. Still, pores in themselves are not the villains. Pores are basically hair follicles, which transport the oil created in the sebaceous glands up to the surface, keeping the skin moisturized and supple.
Instagram Your Spa
One of the biggest challenges most business people encounter is recruiting, hiring and building a high performance team. Finding and keeping talented team members is essential to success! In this article, discover five effective spa team training principles to help build your team and elevate your performance.
Cacao Skin Care
Theobroma cacao, commonly known as the cacao or cocoa tree, is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. The trees can range between 20-40 feet tall, with each cacao pod holding an average of 40 cocoa beans. The ingredient itself comes in many forms, being derived either from the raw cacao pod or from the fermented and dried bean, more commonly known as cocoa. The origin of cocoa dates back to ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. It is recorded that the Mayans used this “food of the gods” as a ritual drink during wedding ceremonies.
Ethnic Skin Care
The characteristics that separate one ethnic group’s skin type from another are texture, tone, thickness, shade, sensitivity, moisture and melanin levels. These differences result in unique responses to sun and environmental exposures. Each ethnic skin type can also react differently to the same products. On the same note, individuals within the same ethnic group can also have different skin types, reactions, coloring, esthetic sense and skin care goals. Therefore, don't make assumptions when it comes to ethnic skin care treatments. Get to know the particulars of the individual's environment, diet, hormones, lifestyle, sun exposure, genetics, medications, stress levels, personality, concerns and goals when formulating any ethnic skin care plan.
Family Spa Treatments
The quickest way to a mother’s heart is through her children. As the wellness industry continues to thrive, it comes as no surprise that spa-goers are looking to share their experiences with the younger members of their families. Spas around the world are developing creative new services that cater towards the needs of families on vacation, and those looking to establish a ritual of wellness within their homes. The increasing demand for family spa treatments that allow parents and children to spa together is a fantastic opportunity for spas and wellness centers to not only increase their revenue, but also establish life-long spa habits in their new, young clients.
Behind The Spa Door
We opened in 1996 as a classic day spa offering massage, skin care, body treatments, manicures and pedicures. We have a strong focus on service, relaxation and results, and we have stayed true to those roots!
Spa Gift Cards
Spa gift cards seem to be the biggest go-to gift for that hard to shop for person in someone's life, and for good reason – it’s easy to purchase, easy to use, and allows the recipient the flexibility to choose what they want. These are great benefits to the customer, but what about the benefits to the business? If you are simply selling a gift card, it ends there. You’ve made that set amount of money. Maybe you will have the chance to up-sell, but you can’t guarantee that the customer will come in during the time you need them the most, or can you?
Body Aging Treatments
The face is what creates a first impression, but entire body wellness means nurturing and pampering skin beyond the face with equivalent necessity. Many spas overlook the importance of offering a range of services on the menu for areas of the body below the neck. The skin on the rest of the body matures over time and goes through the same changes that the skin on the face does; including uneven texture, pigmentation, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles.
Spa Treatment Packages
Everyone loves to be pampered – right? And when you’re in the spa business, pampering your clients is exactly what you love to do. That’s why spa treatment packages are a perfect fit for you and your clients. Not all spa treatment packages are created equal. Designed properly, these packages can deliver financial benefits to your business, but when they’re thrown together for the sake of a quick promotion, they can easily cause you to lose money on the deal – and that’s not a great outcome. So, before we jump in and discover how to create a profitable spa treatment package, let’s get clear first about why you should be offering them in your spa.
Aromatherapy for Stress
Clients today are more in need of stress relief than ever before, and every spa has an opportunity to stand out from competitors by going the extra mile to incorporate meaningful stress relief solutions in every service. Aromatherapy for stress relief is one way this can be introduced to almost any service. It helps the spa build a unique brand, creates a memorable experience for the guests, and inspires client loyalty and increased referrals.
How to Select Carrier Oils
Every product that is applied topically eventually finds its way into the body. This is why it is so important to select carrier oils of the absolute best quality when stocking your treatment rooms and retail shelves.