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Nutrition in the Treatment Room
Discuss nutrition with your skin care clients while staying within the scope of your practice. Be a source of internal and external health and wellness advice!
The secret to glowing skin is just a sip away. Learn why collagen and nutrient enhanced beauty drinks or a must-have in your treatment regimen and on your retail shelves.
HOW’S Your Digestion?
Ask your clients about their digestive health to reveal the cause of skin conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea. Learn why leaky gut and contribute to skin imbalances.
THE GUT & SKIN Connection
The gut has been getting a lot of attention lately; and more research is emerging about the gut-skin connection. There is a definite link between helping clients with their digestive health and how it impacts their skin. That’s one of the reasons I call skin our “magic mirror.” Skin is the largest organ of the body and because it’s right on the surface, it gives outer information about what’s happening inside
Adding Nutrition to Your Spa Menu
Pamper your spa guests with healthy lifestyle tips. Caring for your clients health is good business, inside and outside the treatment room!
Revamp Your Retail Strategy
Spa owners, esthetician and skin care brands all benefit from retail. Bring in revenue from retail sales for real business success!
Master the Art of Makeup
Beke Beau shares her tips for putting your clients first and establishing your place as the best makeup artist in your area.
Probiotic Skin Care
Gut health plays a pivotal role in skin health. Create a balance in your clients skin by treating them with topical probiotics.
Is It Really Organic?
Organic skin care products require extensive regulations and labels. Learn how to read different organic certifications and buy only the best organic products.
In the last few decades, there has been an explosion in the skin care industry introducing an array of new equipment, treatments, and products. These “breakthroughs” advertise dramatic and sometimes even life-changing results. Promises such as these sound exciting, but at the same time confusing to clients.
Rescue Spa Philadelphia, Pa
Discover this luxury day spa in the heart of Philadelphia. Owner Danuta Mieloch’s passion for skin care inspired this five star establishment.
Daily Rituals for the Inspired Esthetician
Incorporate these positive daily habits to breed success in your spa business. Experience passion and joy at work and in your life.
Five Ways to Apply Blush
Sculpt your clients face with precise and customized blush application. Use blush to contour the face and bring out your client’s inner youthful glow.
The Power Lunch
Cater to the busy professional with 30 minute services to fit all their skin care and beauty needs without disrupting their busy lives.
Behind the Spa Door
Catherine Sinclair from Mirbeau Inn & Spa shares her tips for spa leaders and her love for making a difference in a guest’s day.
Korean Scrubs Body
Venture into the world of Korean Body Scrubs. Where Korean bathhouse’s reign supreme, spa time is part of South Korean culture. Here’s why these exotic scrubs are gentler than sugar and salt scrubs.