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On The Front Lines
The American Cancer Association released its 2018 Cancer Facts and Figures report in February, detailing the anticipated number of skin cancer diagnoses for the year. It projected 178,560 new cases of melanoma in the United States, and 91,270 of those cases are expected to be invasive. Although May is Melanoma Awareness Month, every day of every month should be important to beauty professionals. Trained eyes save lives. No one comes closer to the skin than estheticians, and it’s the mission of Eyes on Cancer to ensure that they are paying attention to identify early-stage skin cancer.
Ride The Heat Wave
Prevention, education and awareness about how sunscreens filter UVA and UVB rays and how to use SPF products correctly.
Discover the power of online reviews and learn why you should have a five star mindset for your skin care and spa biz.
The Men Trend
Just about every man is sporting some type of facial hair with the common complaints of dry itchy skin, clogged pores, ingrown hairs, and wrinkles. This expertly developed 10 step, 90 minute Men’s Facelift combines elements of fitness with isotonic and isometric exercises for the muscles of the chest, neck and face, and cross fibers with linear massage techniques and incredible skin care ingredients. Chronic and uncomfortable muscle contractions like tight pecs, platysma and SCM coupled with the added weight of facial hair can drag down features. The goal of the Men’s Facelift is to counteract with this signature “lift and lock” technique that lifts the muscles, fascia, and skin and a “locking technique” that stimulates collagen synthesis to maintain the lift.
Make summer your busy season with these seasonal marketing tips to bring in tourists and regular clients to your spa
Sugar Is Sweeter
Everything you need to know to advance your skills in body sugaring for perfectly smooth, summer skin and happy clients
Say Aloha to Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a summer time staple! Here’s why it deserves a place in your treatment room all year long…
Summer Glow Getter
Give your clients a subtle tan and bronze glow with these faux tan body treatments and facials
Summer Themed Spa
Summer fun decorating tips to bring a new season to your spa. Add seasonal décor for a fresh, new take on summer.
Behind The Spa Door
The Esthetician Mentor’s tips and experience in finding your passion and making a successful career as an esthetician and a consultant
From Face to Canvas
Discover artist Wendy Buiter’s journey from professional makeup artist, to makeup industry mogul, to renowned print artist!
Full Body Contour
Sculpt and enhance your client’s figure with this head-to-toe how-to for full body contouring with spray tan application
Tighten Up!
The latest in skin tightening treatments with Dr. Paul Lorenc and what to expect for the future of skin smoothing technology
A little bit of luxury for everyday life
A luxurious day spa and cosmetics boutique in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan
Summer Wellness Trends
Here are this year’s top wellness trends for summer! Incorporate these feel-good elements to your spa treatments for happy clients all summer long
The Spa At The Joule
In a stunning subterranean setting, The Spa at the Joule is a therapeutic haven nurturing mind, body and soul. In the bustling epicenter of downtown Dallas, Texas, The Spa at the Joule offers luxurious and pampering rituals with an emphasis on personalized experiences. Inspired by geothermal therapies, The Spa features European style heat experiences that take guests through a therapeutic journey of warmth.