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The 5 Leading Misconceptions About Using Social Media For Business
With over one billion daily active users, Facebook has become the most popular social network for our generation.
The Big Comeback of 1990s Makeup
The 90s are the perfect example of how a decade can have two juxtaposed, defining makeup looks.
Massage During Facial
The benefits of facial massage reach far beyond the skin.
Sexual Well-Being In The Spa
Before and After Peels
Using acids to dissolve dead skin cells helps minimize lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots, uneven tone, large pores, acne and more.
Peels To Repair Skin
The summer months can cause significant damage to your clients’ skin because of time spent in the sun, heat, chlorinated pools, lakes and salt water.
Mastering Peels
A glow may be hard to describe, but it is instantly noticeable and always welcomed by clients.
Home-Based Esthetician?
AS an esthetician employed by a spa, you’re used to having a receptionist and products at your disposal, and not worrying about the operational expenses and responsibilities of your work.
Hire Top Talent!
Leadership is not something that one can fake. By definition, it requires the consent and enrollment of a team, glued together by trust.
Beyond The Sugar Scrub
MOVE OVER SUGAR AND SALT, there are a slew of new and exciting exfoliating materials in town.
The New Miraval Experience
Miraval Resort & Spa is more than a destination resort; it is a signature health and wellness lifestyle brand.
Extractions: A Facial Must
While some estheticians may feel apprehensive about performing extractions, they are an essential component to incorporate into your clients’ facial treatments.
The New Skin Type Analysis
Choosing skin care products and ingredients might seem straightforward — identify the type or condition, and then choose ingredients that are good for that type.
How To Improve Your Social Media Engagement
Everyone craves more ‘likes’, favorites and shares on their social media accounts. It may feel like there is some sort of secret sauce that makes some profiles more popular than yours - there isn’t.
A new time is upon us. Whether it’s color trends, key ingredients, packaging or endorsements, styles and techniques are always changing in the world of makeup, and the language of makeup is no exception.
Blending Makeup And Skin Care
It’s no secret that many women feel uncomfortable leaving the house without makeup.