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Set It For Summer!
Whether the weather is hot or cold, make sure your client’s make up lasts all night! Read our editor’s tips for setting matte and dewy makeup looks on every skin type!
It is well known that hydration is essential for healthy, beautiful skin. Clients are encouraged to hydrate well before and after services, and in their daily lives. But what exactly are the consequences of dehydration on the skin? Without properly sustained hydration, skin cells cannot function properly, and enzyme activity is impaired. Water is crucial to our skin cells’ basic functions. Not only is proper water intake essential to supporting the health of skin cells, but topical hydration is also a key component to healthy skin function.
Felicite Day Spa
What do you get when you mix a medi-spa with a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere? Find out in this month’s Spa of the Month. See how Spa Director Michelle Lucas creates this unique combo vibe!
Aromatic Escapes
Here our top five picks for Aromatherapy Treatments you should try on your clients! From head-to-toe, these essential oil-infused services are a year-round must have on your spa menu!
Behind The Spa Door
Take your solo spa business to the next level with advice and tips from Skin Care by Kayla Marie owner. Thinking of taking the leap? Let Kayla guide the way!
Mood Booster
Transform your skin care and body treatments into therapeutic escapes with Aromatherapy! Change your client’s mind, mood and overall experience in your treatment room...
Dry Brushing
This body treatment is trending. Get on board! Dry Brushing is a great add-on to boost circulation, stimulate skin cell turnover and give your clients the best all-over exfoliation!
Oh, Holy Basil!
More than just a kitchen ingredient! See why Holy Basil is called the “Queen of Herbs” in ancient medicinal practices. Uncover the secrets of this delicious ingredient and see added benefits for your clients’ skin!
Herbal Remedies for Estheticians
Natural herbs and holistic remedies have healing and revitalizing skin care properties. Here are six common herbs that are easy to cultivate and incorporate into your natural skin care treatments.
Hyaluronic Acid
A reintroduction to the most powerful hydration tool. Incorporate Hyaluronic Acid into your clients beauty routines in more ways that one! We’ve got the update on HA!
Behind The Spa Door
Go behind the scenes of “Miami’s Best Facial” with Melissa Fox. We’re getting personal with this expert esthetician to learn how she grew her business, how she handles stress, and how she stays inspired to give her clients the best facial in Miami!
Caviar Indulgence
This luxury ingredient is the perfect topper for your anti-aging facials! Bella Schneider shares why caviar is bursting with nutrients that retain moisture, rebuild skin cells, increase collagen production and reverse skin damage.
Make It Modern
We interviewed wellness expert Melanie Sachs to find out how Ayurveda in the spa has changed over the years. Read her unique perspective of the role Ayurveda plays in our clients’ busy lives and why you should explore the world of natural skin care and spa treatments.
Neem Skin Care
This antimicrobial superstar is an Ayurvedic healing staple! Learn the history of the Neem plant and how it helps treat skin conditions.
Winning Over The Holistic Client
Adjust your marketing techniques and open your business to the holistic market. Discover why holistic clients are loyal, high-paying customers looking to build lasting relationships with their skin care specialists.