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Spray Contouring in the Spa
There is no doubt that a layer of self-tan all over the body provides a golden glow and a layer of confidence. Self-tanner can be used to smooth out skin tone, cover blemishes and even hide unwanted veins. Spas in the 21st century are taking this well-known remedy to new heights with the latest method to obtain a perfectly toned bod and all-over flawless skin — spray contouring!
More Than Just A Glow
From the moment we are born, our skin serves as a reliable barrier between our inner and outer worlds. A woman’s complexion is intimately connected to her feelings of selfconfidence and power — it’s the “face” she shows to the world. That said, who wouldn’t want natural, glowing skin to flaunt?
Neck And Contouring Décolleté
Remember the days when it was considered the ultimate makeup flub to apply any cosmetics darker than one’s natural skin tone, particularly below the neck? Well this “flub” is exactly what spurred the newest makeup movement.
The Making of a Makeup Squad
Helping women feel good about themselves inside and out. It’s very rewarding to do someone’s makeup and at the end of the session they can’t stop smiling, staring in the mirror or taking selfies. Our motto is, “Make Beautiful Be You!”
Let's get DIRTY
Beauty seekers have been turning to the ground for centuries. Cleopatra kept her skin beautiful with clay masks. Mud and sea salt have been popular around the world for ages. Today, spas are digging up more pieces of the Earth to beautify and cleanse their clients, ranging from quartz sand to bark to creek water and other natural elements.
Gold Treasure: Olive Oil + Skin
For thousands of years the people of the Mediterranean have understood the life giving benefits of the olive tree and its precious fruit, the olive. Native to Asia Minor, it then spread to Iran, Syria and Palestine, making its way down to the Mediterranean basin more than 6,000 years ago. The magnificent olive tree is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world, and can bear fruit at 1,000 years old.
Mother's Day Marketing
As spa and medi spa business owners, you have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to maximize your revenue with gift card and promotion sales through special occasions and holidays. Fortunately for the industry, there are many special days that are conducive to giving, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. Some spa professionals wait until the last minute to plan promotions and marketing campaigns, and therefore miss out on maximizing their success.
Behind The Spa Door
The goal of Mokara is to create a sanctuary that gives guests a reason to return. We value every relationship. We provide attentive service in a relaxing, yet refined atmosphere. Our brand personality is intimate, fine-tuned, inviting, restorative, timeless and sophisticated.
LED & Topicals
What do you think of when you hear the term “LED light therapy”? Most skin care professionals answer with two things: wrinkle reduction and acne treatment. LED can indeed effectively address these issues; however, the benefits have a much more fundamental and significantly wider reach, especially when LED is used with topical products that are formulated to work toward the same goals. Before delving into this topic, we must first address how LED works.
Therapeutic Baths In The Spa
There’s nothing like a warm bath to alleviate physical and mental stress, providing therapeutic relief for many ailments. This remedy to everyday living dates back to ancient cultures. Although hydrotherapy methods have been practiced for hundreds of years, many of us are unfamiliar with the concept and how it can benefit our health and overall well-being.
A Sanctuary of Holistic, Meditative and Restorative Treatments
Carved into the hillside of San Antonio's distant cityscape, Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness guests relax in a true Texas Hill Country luxury spa retreat with stunning views of the big Texas sky. This newly opened sanctuary stole the spotlight of La Cantera Resort & Spa in September of 2016 as part of a $50 million renovation of the resort.
Facial Masks For Every Task
Facial masks have been around for centuries and are widely believed to be the original cosmetic facial treatment. While they have only been gaining popularity in the U.S. over the last decade, they have become enormously popular in a short amount of time and continue to top spa trend lists.
Beyond The Oxygen Facial
As the oxygen facial continues to become one of the most booked facial treatments, spa owners are looking for new and innovative ways to capitalize and expand on its popularity. From breathing in pure air at an oxygen bar to taking a bath in its steam, clients can't seem to get enough O2 for its many health and beauty benefits.
BRIDAL Skin Care guide
A woman’s wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, a ceremony captured forever in photographs. Having healthy and radiant skin on this life-changing day is important for all brides.
Foundational Perfection
Amakeup application is a work of true art. It is an enhancement of a client’s beauty, and our ability to help them look and feel their best depends simply on our cosmetics and how we layer them. When you choose the wrong color of foundation, blush or concealer, you inherently know there is a total disconnect in colors harmonizing together.
Making A Makeup Statement
Louder Than Words. What is the best part about shaping a client’s eyebrows? A:In 2016, people are so much more aware of their brows; it has become a huge phenomenon.