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Flawless Face
Flawless skin is everyone’s dream, and in its pursuit we are willing to engage in extensive measures such as taking harmful medication, seeking invasive facial treatments and undergoing cosmetic surgeries. We also use makeup to hide imperfections, contour our facial features and lift our moods.
Skin Optimization
Preparing skin for a flawless makeup application. As estheticians and spa professionals we wear many hats. We are our client’s friends, confidants, and health advisors, but our most notable role is skincare and beauty expert.
7 Deadly Makeup Sins
How to Avoid Them in Your Spa. As a female cosmetic formulator in the beauty industry for more than 20 years, I have seen many weird and wonderful beauty trends come and go.
Business Advice For Beauty Professionals
Threading Pioneers in Indiana. It all started on July 3rd, 1999, with a bridal party. I have a love/hate relationship with makeup.
Delighting in Herbs
Traditional Herbal Wisdom in the Modern Spa. These wise words come to us from Rosemary Gladstar, considered by many to be the "Godmother of North American Herbalism."
Perform an Aura Cleansing
Clearing client blockages & renewing their layers of light. As humans, we are beings of light, but ironically we cannot see our own light. Rather, we can focus on their shadows.
Hot Spicy skin care
The Power of the Cayenne Pepper. CAYENNE PEPPERS are a remarkable fruit with the legendary power to promote holistic health of the body and skin.
Taking Beauty to the Extreme
5 Cutting-Edge Med Spa Treatments for Adventurous Spa-Goers | These days, it seems there is nothing spa-goers won't do to turn back the hands of time or feel good.
Advertising Your Medical Spa
The Dos and Don’ts | Advertising is critical for medical spas. Businesses cannot simply rely on word of mouth or good Yelp reviews bring in clients—they must create effective promotional campaigns to attract new customers.
Fee Splitting 101
Understanding the Legal Impact. In retail, salespeople are often incentivized with commission — they receive a percentage of the sales they make that meet certain conditions set by their employers.
What is your Clients' PERSPECTIVE?
The Key to Boosting Revenue. The spa is a multi-sensory haven for beauty, relaxation and stress relief.
Is Your Spa Healthy?
Correcting and preventing challenges in the spa. There is a saying in business that people don’t buy vitamins, they buy sedatives. The painful truth is that many are more interested in high stakes solutions than taking preventative steps.
Lights, Camera, Action!
Video Content to Boost Your Business. The excitingly active and fascinated mind of this generation is inevitably attracted to the constantly updated world of social media.
Behind The Spa Door - A New Name in Green Philosophy
The concept of Emena Spa can best be described as organic and green. We are dedicated to our cause with fusions of ancient wellness remedies in harmony with modern technology. Customer service is our top priority. We value cool and realistic convenience.
A New Era in Services
The spa industry is constantly evolving and business models are changing with the past being harvested for workable strategies. Vintage meets the future at the Nautilus Hotel, located on the world famous Collins Avenue in the heart of the Art Deco hotel district of Miami Beach.
Spas Menopause
Menopause is a well-known biological change that typically occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55.