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Oncology Esthetics
An esthetician's hands are the two most valuable tools of her trade. These skilled hands carefully stroke the face, neck, and shoulders of the client, and gently massage the head as well. While she is performing the steps of a facial, the esthetician is focused on relaxing her client, and administering the selected treatment protocol to achieve the desired results.
The Holiday Spirit
As a spa owner or solo practitioner, your success is dependent upon your relationship with your community in order for your business to thrive.
Active Ingredients VS. Active Formulation
Results are the desired goal of any cosmetic product, whatever that goal may be. How to achieve results is through the use of an active ingredient(s) known for the appropriate properties that address the desired goal. An easy enough concept that for decades has been the driving force behind cosmetic and personal care products. Just follow the marketing material for information on actives and what they are predicted to do for your skin, hair or appearance.
Conflict Resolution In The Spa
The goal of every spa business is to have its customers leave happy. Ideally, clients should leave feeling better than they did when they arrived. However, it is unrealistic and nearly impossible to expect to please every person that walks through your spa door. It’s normal for guests to raise concerns, make a complaint, or express dissatisfaction with their service. After all, mind and body wellness is deeply personal, and not all clients will relate completely with the practices of your business. Often, these complaints will arrive from a disparity in expectations, or a lack of communications during the service. Whatever the case may be, it is vital to the success and longevity of your business that you learn to maintain composure and handle complaints with compassion and resolve.
IT’S A Celebration!
Tis the season to spread good will, thank your loyal clients, and ring up a sleigh-load of retail and gift card sales. With the perfectly planned holiday party you can achieve all that and have some fun as well. From pre-holiday shopping sales to a fun spajama party with s'mores to a French themed girls' night in at the spa, these five holiday spa party ideas are profitable and festive.
Behind The Spa Door
Celebrity esthetician and YouTube star Nerida Joy shares what makes a great spa manager. Hint: it’s not what you’d expect!
Mistletoe Skin Care
Of the many seasonal traditions we practice during the holidays, hanging mistletoe over our doors in hopes of stealing a holiday kiss is one of the more frivolous rituals. Though many of us hope to attract the attention of a Christmas-crush by waiting patiently under the mistletoe, this is often the only attention this holiday leafy green gets.
Lauren’s Face The Day
Lauren Sales has been an esthetician for 13 years. In 2008 with the encouragement of her late husband, Alan, Lauren began the journey of opening her own spa. After finding the perfect space, Lauren acquired her amazing staff and support system and opened Lauren’s Face the Day.
Festive Face Ingredients
As the weather begins to change for the holiday season, so do the unique challenges presented to our skin’s overall health. The increased amount of wind, variations in temperature and humidity levels, as well as other weather-related factors create a barrage of stressors and free radicals that have the potential to create substantial damage.
A “just For You” Experience
Today's consumers expect highly personalized experiences. Personalization is a means of meeting your customer's needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions memorable and easier and, consequently, increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits.
Small Spa Big Impact
Your spa may not have the budget, square footage or allure of a destination resort in Bali or Istanbul. Yet you can transform your rooms and services to give it that unmistakable resort feel. Just follow the advice from these experts that will have your clients sigh with pure bliss. Ahhh…
Holiday Party Makeup
If there’s one time of year to rock a red lip, it’s the holidays. Homes and businesses across the country are decorating their windows and rooms with lights, ornaments, and garland. Why shouldn’t our lips and eyes be matching in festivity? Seize on the seasonal bliss and offer your clients a festive holiday makeup look for their upcoming holiday parties.
Escape Skin Winter
As our seasonal wardrobe starts to shift, so does our ingredient choice when keeping clients’ skin healthy during the winter season. The skin is in a constant delicate balance, and it is the esthetician’s job to support and maintain the health of the skin, no matter the season and no matter the client’s skin condition or goals. Understanding how winter weather affects the skin is vital to keeping skin healthy and beautiful year round.
Fall Makeup Trends
Whether the weather is hot or cold, make sure your client’s make up lasts all night! Read our editor’s tips for setting matte and dewy makeup looks on every skin type!
L’Escape Spa
A spa that specializes in microcurrent while promoting relaxation? Sounds too good to be true. LNE & Spa editor Cristina Beecham uncovers how L’Escape Spa in Burlingame, CA makes this unique business plan so successful!
In 1984, the term cosmeceutical was introduced by Dr. Albert Kligman, developer of Retin-ATM, to distinguish those topical preparations that could effectively deliver therapeutic benefits to the skin, as well as the “beautifying” temporary effects of cosmetics, as defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1938. A prescription ointment, Retin-A effectively delivered retinoic acid, a powerful form of vitamin A, into the skin.